Why Must Computer OEMs Suck?

So, I just picked up a Dell for my Mom. It was a pretty boss deal and I got a widescreen 20” LCD for $177 out of the deal.

Anyway, I go to install the software my Mom is going to use and I’m shocked at all of the garbase software that comes installed. Some Corel photo software, McAffee, Google Desktop….. the list goes on. Yes, nothing useful; no Firefox, no Gaim, no CDex, nothing! To top it off, the computer crashed while I was trying to uninstall McAffee’s garbage software and the load of other software that comes on it.

So, what gives? Can’t they at least include SOME software that people might actually use?! I can’t believe they are selling these computers to average people and that the people don’t have more problems with them. So, I’m reinstalling from the restore CD, and if that fails, I’ll have to get me a non-OEM copy. Too bad I can’t get my Mom on the Linux train…..

UPDATE: Posting from the machine right now. Turns out the CD Dell ships with the computer is ONLY the OS, so none of their retarded software is included. Once I got all the drivers on here, the machine has been running pretty well. Add Firefox, Clamwin, the Combined Community Codec Pack, Gaim Pidgin and 7-zip and it’s ready to roll!

UPDATE 2: Looks like I’m not the only one who sees this as a problem. I found an article through BadVista that sums it all up pretty well.