Choosing Default Sound Card in Ubuntu

On my machine I have a SoundBlaster Live card as well as an onboard VIA sound chip. Since Linux ignores the system BIOS, disabling the onboard sound doesn’t do anything. Obviously I don’t want to use the onboard sound card or I wouldn’t have bothered putting the SBLive card in in the first place.

Simple fix; we’re going to change the default card to the SBLive card! This may not only apply to Ubuntu, but it’s the only Linux distro I tried it in (since it’s what I run). I think any distro using ALSA will work the same.

$ asoundconf list

Names of available sound cards:

Your list may differ, but you should be able to find the card you want. In my case, it’s the Live card. So….

asoundconf set-default-card Live

Note that I did not use sudo to list or change anything, it’s a user setting. Now, restart any sound applications and you should be up and running. This should live through reboot as well.