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Using Bookmarklets to Make the Web Usable Again

August 30, 2017

Based on what's going on with most webpages, it's the new hotness for websites to stop users from actually consumingcontent by overlaying useless crap on top of it. Overlays nagging you to join some newsletter before you even have a chance to read what you came for. Dickbars eating up your precious…

Using Semantic Commit Messages

August 18, 2017

I was recently exploring the world of monorepos and trying to see what tools were available for working with them. Many repos seem to use Lerna for this, at least in the node world, so I was reading the docs to learn more about it. One of the nice things Lerna handles is package versioning, and…

A case against let

August 08, 2017

Way back in June of 2015, es6 (or es2015 if you prefer) was finalized. One of the new things it brought, and arguably the easiest one to understand, was block-scoped varibles. Namely, let and const. There are tons of articles around about how they work and how they differ, like this one from Wes…

Updating state from a directive in Vuejs

July 28, 2017

This week, one of the local devs in a local Slack group has been asking about integrating Vue into some legacy code. In particaular, he was trying to build a Vue component that used some existing jQuery plugin code; a select box wrapped in chosen. He wanted to wrap this functionality in a directive…

Learning Vue Talks

July 20, 2017

Despite my lack of posting here, I've been pretty busy in the community, having given a talk at a local meetup at least once a month for the first half of the year. Back in February, I gave a talk about learning Vue.js, which did a pretty deep dive into how Vue works and how to write components in…

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